We were fortunate to have worked with Jason Keeney and Twin Oaks Construction on our recent rebuild/remodel project of a beloved but deteriorating family farmhouse on Squam Lake . We were managing the project from afar.  Jason was an exceptional communicator.  He provided regular photos and detailed expense reports with receipts.  He and his crew were creative problem-solvers and added details that replicated but modernized the original house.  The final product exceeded our expectation and will be a place to cherish for the generations ahead.  

Jason clearly is passionate about the quality of his work and the satisfaction of his clients.  We are grateful that Twin Oaks was our choice of construction company. 

--Sharon Swindell
--Jeff Desmond

When I set out to build a new home in the White Mountains, I knew I wanted something special.  The design (a form of Scandinavian contemporary) is not typically found around here and I realized I needed a special builder to make the dream come through.  

Jason Keeney and the entire team at Twin Oaks exceeded my expectations.  The lines are clean and exact; the many details painstakingly finished.  As is often the case, the hardest work to achieve is one where the effort disappears and is not seen - it's very difficult to pull off.  Between the building team and the subcontractors he assembled and with his diligent oversight, Jason has delivered the home I wanted. 

Great job.  Great team.  A pleasure to work with.  I recommend them highly.

  Brookline Massachusetts

It is without reservation that we highly recommend Twin Oaks Construction for any residential project.  Jason took on the project of an addition and complete renovation down to every last stud of our lakehouse on Newfound Lake in 2016/2017.  As with any renovation, when you pull off the covers, there are items that are unexpected.  I definitely didn't expect to find that the prior owner had removed a key structural column.  Although this prior owner was reckless in what he did, Jason could see how the decision made the space significatnly better.  So instead of saying "Sorry Ray but this column has to go back in" - he came up with another solution (a very large steel beam) that was not easy to put in but kept the quality of the space from being diminished.  Through the entire process, Jason and his crew were absolutely fantastic to work with.  The subonctrators that were brought in were all very impressive and completed their work at a very high level of quality.

This was a project that grew out of MY expansion of scope.  A less honorable contractor could have taken advantage of the situation.  Jason was very fair on all costs and his billing records are as meticulous as his construction - absolutely amazing.  The follow up on punch list items has been fantastic.  Without question I will use Jason for any construction project I have in the future.  

 --Ray & Karyn Hendrickson

To Whom It May Concern,

It is our sincere honor and privilege to write a letter of recommendation for Twin Oaks Construction, Inc. Jason Keeney and the entire team at Twin Oaks are very professional, providing a high end construction with top notch customer service. The quality of our custom post and beam home completed in 2013 has exceeded our expectations. Jason was involved with the budget and design from the start, and patiently guided us through the entire building process. He and his team are a pleasure to work with, always providing great ideas for both improvements and cost savings throughout the construction process.

Jason’s communication is excellent, which was particularly important to us as we embarked on a construction project for our second home a few hours from our main residence. We received email updates numerous times a week, with photos and follow up phone calls as needed.

The entire staff is both accommodating and courteous at all times. The site is always clean and our neighbors and their properties are treated respectfully. This also extends to the subcontractors, and we’ve continued our working relationships with all after the home was completed.

If we had to do it all over again, we can’t imagine working with another home builder. Honesty, integrity, quality and timeliness are just some of the words that come to mind when reflecting on our experience with Jason and Twin Oaks.

If you’re serious about building a home, we give Twin Oaks Construction our strongest recommendation. We’re always happy to discuss our experience in more detail.

   -- Very Best Regards,
      Steve and Janice Joy

It is with great enthusiasm that we write this letter of recommendation in support of Twin Oaks Construction. Jim and I met with several builders before deciding on Twin Oaks Construction. From our very first meeting, we were extremely impressed with Jason Keeney's experience, level of detail, vision and budgeting approach. Jason Keeney and his crew are extremely talented builders and project managers whose excellent work merits recognition.

Twin Oaks brought our dream to reality through expert planning, craftsmanship, design and budgeting. They were a pleasure to work with and made our home building project an extremely positive experience. We missed Jason and his crew once our project was complete although we were fortunate to hire them for another major renovation project. We recommend them all the time to others looking to build or renovate their home!

   -- Lori and Jim Lerner

We hired Twin Oaks to build our post & beam home in Plymouth 13 years ago, and were delighted with the process and the result. So when we needed to do a major refurbishment of an existing home this past year, we naturally considered Twin Oaks. Jason, his crew, and his subcontractors were not only fully competent but also were great communicators. No surprises, on time and on budget, with an excellent result.

   -- Paul & Libby Wilson

We built our house in Sandwich, New Hampshire in 2001, built by Dale Blackey of Twin Oaks Construction. In mid-2011, we decided to add on to the house, and found that Dale had retired, replaced by his former superintendent, Jason Keeney. Although we wanted to use Twin Oaks, we had had a very good experience with Dale and naturally had some apprehension about the new company under Jason Keeney.

Our apprehension was completely unwarranted. Our addition went beautifully, and Jason was everything we could have asked for in a builder and more. He was attentive to our needs, our questions, helped us with any cost concerns we had, and was always responsive when we tried to contact him. His crew, which is similar to the old one, did a beautiful job and we could not be more happy with the addition and the way it worked out. The new house is everything we could have dreamed of.

We would both give Jason Keeney and the current Twin Oaks Construction Company our highest unqualified recommendation. If you use him as your builder, I assure you that you will be pleased.

-- Sincerely,
   Bill & Karen Mallon

We recently completed the construction of our lake home on Squam Lake. ...We had a terrific experience and are delighted with our home. ...

From our point of view, one of the most important characteristics of a builder is open and honest communication. We were overseeing our construction from long distance. Dale communicated with us several times a week and often sent digital pictures of the progress of the construction. Every time we had a meeting set with Dale he was there and always on time. That is the way our entire project went — we agreed on when something would be done and it was done when agreed — even with a record setting snow season.

As the project has come to a close there have been the inevitable follow up items. Dale and the subcontractors have been extremely responsive to every question and/or concern we have expressed. This house is the first house we have built from start to finish. We had the best possible experience. ... We highly recommend Twin Oaks Construction to anyone considering a builder for a special home.

-- Dave & Joan

We write this letter with praise and gratitude for our builder, Dale Blackey. ... Dale's commitment to perfection is inspiring. From the beginning, he was always available to meet with us and our architect and guide us through the unfamiliar maze of designing and building our home.

Dale is always on top of every detail, he is extremely knowledgeable and very willing to share his opinions, his creativity, and ideas until the right solutions are found.

Dale is devoted to his clients and to those who work for him. We have met many of his present and former clients and every one of them has had nothing but praise for him. His honesty and integrity are the cornerstone of his business and it is evident in every aspect of his work. We trust him implicitly and know that he is always looking out for us.

We knew from the start that we had chosen the right person for our building project, and because of Dale, we have thoroughly enjoyed this incredible experience.

-- Kevin & Nancy

One of our most capable and sought after colleagues in construction is Dale Blackey of Twin Oaks Construction in Plymouth, NH. Over the past 20 years, Dale has continually provided us with such a high level of quality work that together we have created homes that have resulted in several New Hampshire American Institute of Architects (AIA) Awards of Excellence, Merit Awards and the AIA People's Choice Award for 2002 and again in 2009. Dale is honest, a pleasure to work with, maintains a good relationship with his crews and sub contractors, earns a high level of trust and respect from our clients, is competitive in pricing and makes our job easier by staying on top of the project at all times.

We are always pleased when he is available to be a part of our team. We strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about building or revising their home to consider working with Dale Blackey.

--Samyn-D'Elia Architects ~ Ashland, NH

Dale Blackey was introduced to us by our architects, Sonya Misiaszek and Robert Turpin of
Misiaszek Turpin Architects
in Laconia, NH. They both highly recommended him as someone who would be capable of building the style of home we were planning.

At our first meeting, we were impressed with his ability to analyze a situation and come to a succinct and timely conclusion. He was able to answer most of our questions at that first meeting and was quick to respond to any that he felt needed further research. We felt very comfortable with Dale at that meeting and as we worked further with him realized that he was a perfect match for us.

We were very impressed throughout this five year project with his attention to detail, his ability to manage crews (some of which he used on our home for the first time), his ability to schedule crews so that no time is lost in the building process, his ability to work with the architects in on site problem solving, and his ability to manage his clients. All is done in a "matter of fact" manner, quite professionally, calmly, and always gentlemanly. I think his greatest asset is his gift of total recall. No "lost notes" with Dale, it is all in his head. I will, however, mention that his office staff is quite professional and responsive, as well.

I'm sure Dale realized from the outset that we were critical clients. Nevertheless, he worked untiringly with us to deliver a product on budget and on time and to our complete satisfaction. And above all, he is great fun to work with. After those five years of planning and construction, we think of Dale now as a friend and hope the relationship continues beyond the completion of our home.

-- Nancy & Richard

Dale Blackey of Twin Oaks Construction completed the West Bunk House, in Moultonborough, NH, then remodeled the Boathouse to match. It was a pleasure to work with Dale and his crew. Everyone has a wonderful attitude about the job and you can see great pride in their workmanship. Dale is very organized and keeps great records for tracking the project. His payment applications are among the best I have processed (this part is not glamorous, but it makes my job of verifying the value to the Owner, much easier).

He and his crew are very talented. The guys on site have a great deal of respect for Dale and the way he runs his jobs. They came up with excellent solutions and produce a high quality product. I find his pricing to be very clear and fair. He is conscientious about suggesting cost alternatives too. Everyone was accommodating with last minute changes and worked with us to resolve the coordination issues these changes can present.

Dale is someone that I have happily recommended to other Architects and clients. He is one of my favorite Contractors/Builders in the area. If you want your project to run smoothly and get a beautiful building in the end, you will be happy to work with Dale.

-- Christopher P. Williams Architects, Meredith, NH

Please accept this letter of recommendation on behalf of Dale Blackey and Twin Oaks Construction, a company we have worked with for over ten years. Twin Oaks Construction is a professional company that is capable of providing knowledge and expertise throughout all phases of a building construction project.

We have worked with Twin Oaks on numerous residential projects including new construction, renovations, and additions. The size of the projects have ranged from very small renovations, to a new sixteen-thousand square foot home; with the styles of architecture as varied as their sizes.

Dale and his staff work very hard to meet the goals of the architect and owner on every project. He is organized, is an excellent communicator, and is always putting his best effort forward. He expects the same from his employees and sub-contractors.

Prior to construction, Twin Oaks will prepare realistic budget estimates, suggest modifications to details that will aid in construction, and is a willing participant as a member of the design team. They clearly understand their role, and the roles of the other team members.

During construction, Twin Oaks provides valuable insight into budget and schedule, and works efficiently to achieve all goals. The construction site is always kept clean, orderly, and safe. The quality of the construction is exceptional, and they work hard to tackle any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. The applications for payment are on time, well organized, and complete. Dale is personally involved with each project and communicates with the architects, owners, and superintendants on a regular basis.

After construction, Twin Oaks is there to address any items that may come Up, and to follow through with suggestions and solutions.

We highly recommend Dale Blackey and Twin Oaks Construction for any construction project. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if we can be of any further assistance.

-- Misiaszek Turpin pllc ~ Architecture Planning ~ Laconia, New Hampshire